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  What's new in the new version of RSS Channel Writer?

version 2.1.2

Fixed some small issues.

version 2.1.1

Fixed issue with remembering program window size.

version 2.1.0

Made some improvements and bug fixes.

version 2.0.4

Fixed some pinging errors.

version 2.0.3

Fixed minor and major bugs.

version 2.0.2

Fixed minor and major bugs.

version 2.0.1

Made some changes in user interface;
Modern style buttons;
Stuck help tips;
Fixed bugs.

version 2.0.0

New look, new design;
RSS creation wizard;
iTunes RSS generator;
Google products RSS generator;
RSS Validation;
New user friendly interface.

version 1.0

First release of RSS Channel Writer. It includes Autocomplete function, RSS pinger, FTP transfer and other tools.

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